How long does it take for EverFind to go online after activation?

By default, the EverFind GPS Tracker is set to the “6-year battery” tracking profile, where it sends a location update every 24 hours. The timer begins when you activate the device, so you’ll receive the first position update after 24 hours.

Can I make EverFind go online immediately without waiting 24 hours?

Yes, to make the EverFind GPS tracker go online instantly or change its profile without waiting, you can trigger a “light sensor” alarm. The light sensor is located on the back of the tracker. To activate it, remove the small sticker covering the sensor and expose it to light.

However, we recommend blocking the light sensor back or attaching the tracker directly to a magnetic surface after activation if the light sensor feature is not needed. This way, the light sensor will not be constantly exposed to light, preventing unnecessary light sensor alarms that could lead to extreme battery drain.

Why is the light sensor blocked by the sticker?

If the light sensor is constantly exposed to light, it will generate continuous alerts, leading to extreme battery drain and significantly shortening the battery life. To avoid the aforementioned constant alerts, the light sensor is initially blocked by a sticker.

For optimal performance, we recommend attaching the tracker to a magnetic surface. This ensures that the light sensor alert is triggered only when the device is detached from the surface. Alternatively, if you do not require this feature, you can put the sticker back on to conserve battery life.

If you wish to receive light sensor alerts, in addition to removing the sticker, you also need to enable the “Light Sensor Alert” option in the Trackilive app.

What tracking profiles are available for the EverFind GPS Tracker?

Currently 4 different tracking profiles are supported:

1. 6 years battery life: In this profile, the tracker sends a position update every 24 hours.

2. Interval mode: in this profile, the tracker sends a position update every 12 hours.

3. Smart mode: in this mode, the tracker is always in sleep mode and sends a position update every 24 hours. However, if the tracker is shaken or moved, it wakes up immediately and sends a position update every 15 minutes while moving.
Please be aware that if the tracker is frequently in motion, activating this mode will drain a fully charged battery within a few days.

4. Recovery mode: this is a battery draining mode. In this mode, the tracker will report a position update every 10 minutes whether it is moving or not. This profile is recommended only if you know the risk of extreme battery drain. If the battery is full, switching to this mode will drain it after a few days.

How long will the battery last in different tracking profiles?

The guaranteed 6-year battery life is achievable when using the tracker in the pre-defined default “6 Years of Battery Life” tracking profile with the “Light Sensor” blocked. However, in other tracking profiles, the battery life will vary depending on usage, GPS signal strength, cellular signal, and the frequency of “Light Sensor” alarms.

Here’s an estimate of battery usage for different profiles when you have a new EverFind GPS tracker with new batteries:

6 Years Battery Life: This is the default tracking profile where 6 years of battery life can be achieved when the light sensor is blocked and GPS and cellular signal strengths are good.

Smart-Mode: In this mode, the battery can last up to 4 years if the tracker remains stationary with no movement. But if the tracker is moving in this mode, then the battery consumption will be different according to the movement, for example, if the tracker is moving for only one hour per day and no light sensor alarm is triggered, then the battery can reach up to 14 months. 
However, if the tracker is frequently in motion while in smart mode, for example, for more than two hours a day, then the battery consumption will be extremely high. In this case, the battery may last for only a month or even less, depending on the frequency of movement.

Interval-Mode: If the tracker is set up in this mode with a 12-hour upload interval, the battery can last up to 3 years.

Recovery-Mode: If the tracker is set up in this mode, the battery can last for less than a month.

Note: Please note that the above battery usages are estimations and can vary based on different factors. For instance, higher GPS signal strength and cellular signal strength can lead to lower battery consumption, while weaker signals may result in higher consumption. Additionally, the frequency of “Light Sensor” alarms plays a significant role; more frequent alarms can significantly impact battery life, whereas blocking or minimal triggering of the “Light Sensor” can help preserve battery power.

How long does it take for the new profile to be activated?

The EverFind GPS tracker always downloads the new settings as soon as it is online. So if you have changed the profile in the app, you have to wait until the tracker reports the next position update. As soon as it is connected, it will download the new settings and then work based on those new settings.

For instance, if the tracker reports a position every 24 hours and you change the profile to “Smart mode,” you’ll have to wait for the next position update (24 hours) for the new settings to take effect.

Battery Indicator (Percentage)

The battery percentage you see in the app is an estimate and not an exact measure of the battery capacity. This is because the battery’s chemical composition makes it challenging to provide an exact percentage. Depending on the tracking profile you use, the battery estimation may vary.

Please keep in mind that occasional fluctuations in the battery percentage are normal. The displayed percentage may change during the next position update.

How do we achieve the impressive 6-year battery life for EverFind GPS trackers?

The EverFind GPS tracker can last up to 6 years when it is set in the default tracking profile known as “6 years battery life” and the light sensor is blocked. This profile is pre-defined when you purchase a new EverFind GPS tracker.

But still, the longevity of the battery life also depends on several other factors:

GPS Signal Strength: The stronger the GPS signal, the more efficiently the tracker operates, leading to longer battery life.

Cellular Signal Strength: A robust cellular signal ensures smoother communication between the tracker and the server, contributing to extended battery life.

Light Sensor Alerts: The frequency of light sensor alarms can impact battery life. Fewer alerts result in longer battery longevity.

It’s essential to be mindful of the light sensor’s behavior. If the light sensor is constantly exposed to light or triggers frequent alarms (daily or weekly), or if the GPS or Cellular Signal Strength is weak then the 6-year battery life may be reduced.

By understanding these factors and optimizing the usage, you can make the most of your EverFind GPS tracker’s battery life. Enjoy long-lasting performance while keeping your valuable assets safe and secure!

What are the recommended areas of use for the EverFind GPS Tracker?

The EverFind GPS tracker is the perfect solution for tracking assets that are stationary or move rarely, such as containers, caravans, boats, or cars that are infrequently used.

Whether you want to monitor your valuable cargo in a container, keep an eye on your caravan, track your boat during off-season storage, or ensure the security of your seldom-used vehicle, the EverFind GPS tracker excels in providing accurate and reliable location updates without draining unnecessary power.

This versatile tracker offers flexible tracking options, allowing you to choose position updates once every 24 hours, once every 12 hours, or once every 24 hours with movement detection. So, whether you prefer periodic updates or want to know if your asset has been moved during the day, the EverFind GPS tracker is an excellent fit for your requirements.

However, if you’re looking for continuous real-time tracking at very short intervals, like every 1 minute, for highly active assets, we recommend our trackilive TL-60 GPS tracker. The TL-60 is specifically designed for real-time tracking and is best suited for scenarios where constant updates are necessary.

No matter which tracker you choose, whether it’s the EverFind or the TL-60, you can trust our products to keep you informed and your valuable assets secure. If you have any inquiries or require assistance in selecting the best tracker for your specific needs, our support team is always available to help you make the right decision.

What happens when the batteries are empty?

When the batteries run out, we offer the so-called EverFind Refresh Service. You send the tracker back to us, pay a one-off amount and we will ensure that the battery and simcard for your EverFind GPS tracker will work for up to the next 6 years.

Currently this package costs 49.95 Euros, but you can always check the actual price on our website or by sending an email to