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Over 1,113 cars disappear in Germany every week. Protect your vehicle and more with our reliable GPS trackers. From motorhomes to classic cars to the safety of your children – easy operation for maximum safety. Protect your valuables now!

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Are you a car owner? You live in German?? Bad news: Theft rates have never been higher.

Do you have a motorhome? Do you like going on excursions? How would you feel if you came back and your RV was gone? Thieves know that a camper is usually worth more than an everyday car.

Do you have a classic car, children, grandchildren, pets, suitcases or any other things that are important to you? Our technology offers appropriate monitoring in all areas of application.


Die Vorteile im Überblick

A comprehensive history

Record the exact route of vehicles, valuables or people over the past 365 days using our precise and reliable GPS monitoring for comprehensive security documentation.

Long lasting performance

Say goodbye to regular charging - our GPS trackers offer an impressive battery life of up to 6 years to ensure long-lasting safety.

Intelligent geofencing function

Create virtual fences according to your needs and receive instant notifications as soon as defined areas are entered or left - for precise and reliable security control.

User-friendly setup

Enjoy effortless operation - setting up our GPS trackers is child's play and requires no special specialist knowledge. Simply use your smartphone or a PC near you for quick and easy configuration.

Our user-friendly app

Effortless control in your hands - Our easy-to-use app is designed to make the power of complex technology easily accessible. Both our app and our GPS trackers have been designed so that they can be used intuitively by anyone, regardless of technical know-how.

  • No monthly costs

    Our GPS tracker works throughout the EU with no monthly fees.

  • 6 years battery life

    No cables, no charging. 6 year term with 1 track per 24 hours.

  • Intelligent tracking profiles

    There are 3 preconfigured profiles available. The GPS tracker is delivered in a 6-year profile.


asked questions

We ship our orders ordered before 12 p.m. the same day via DHL.
Apart from the subscription costs, there are the following differences:

trackilive TL-60: Ideal for live tracking, tracking moving objects and a rechargeable battery.

trackilive EverFind: Ideal for semi-static objects and for objects that can get by with one track per day. The battery here is not rechargeable.

You can find a better overview of the functions on the product comparison page.
Our subscriptions start from €4.99 / month . More information can be found here .

A monthly subscription is required for the following devices:
  • trackilive TL-5
  • trackilive TL-10
  • trackilive TL-50
  • trackilive TL-60

No subscription is required for the following devices:
  • trackilive EverFind
It's best to take a look at our FAQs . You can get help there for any problems that have already arisen.

If you can't find what you're looking for, the quickest way is to open a support ticket. Our technical support can immediately look at your GPS tracker and find a solution.

Why the TL-60 is perfect
for your car

  • - Up to 1 year battery life
  • - Dust and waterproof
  • - Magnetic case
  • - Subscription from €4.99 / month

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