Car gps tracker

One of the reasons for a GPS tracker!

Recently, as a father, I experienced one of those moments that you never think possible. It was late at night and my son still hadn't returned from a date.

When I realized he was overdue, my anxiety increased. Luckily, we had equipped our family car with the TL-60 GPS tracker from trackilive. I picked up my phone and opened the trackilive app. To my surprise, it indicated that the car was parked in an unusual place and not moving.

I immediately drove there and discovered my son passed out in the car. He had a panic attack and lost consciousness. Without the TL-60, I might have lived for hours in the dark about its whereabouts and safety.

This experience made me realize the importance of the tracker: it's not just a device - it offers us an additional level of security and peace of mind. My son is doing well and I am deeply grateful to the trackilive team for that.

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