GPS tracker for scooters

Wanted? Found!

Last weekend I had a meeting with friends and was late. In my haste, I parked my scooter in a place I don't normally choose. After a few hours in the cafe and a relaxing walk through the city, it was time to head home. But then the realization hit me: I had forgotten where I had parked my scooter.

Panic began to rise as I wandered the streets, but then I remembered the TL-60. I pulled out my phone, opened the trackilive app and was relieved when I saw the exact location of my scooter on the map. A few minutes later I found my scooter exactly where the app showed it.

This may sound like a trivial story, but there really is no time that makes you feel more useless than when you have to walk home alone in the rain because you forgot where you parked. This small but significant experience showed me how useful the TL-60 is even in everyday, seemingly trivial situations.

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