GPS tracker for people

What if one day she can't find her way back?

An unexpected notification pulled me out of my work: the trackilive app sent me an SOS notification. I gave my grandma the TL-5 a while ago because she was starting to forget. Despite her age, she was still very active and enjoyed walking alone.

Concerned, I immediately opened the trackilive app on my phone to check her current position. To my relief, the tracker showed her in a nearby park, a place she didn't normally go. I made my way there with quick steps.

When I arrived I found her sitting on a bench, confused but unharmed. She had gotten lost in the winding paths of the park and was happy to see me.

At that moment, relief washed over me. My grandma didn't even have her cell phone with her because she left it at home, but thanks to trackilive I was able to react quickly and make sure she got home safely. Thank you for everything!

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