GPS tracker for caravans

Worried about the new caravan? No longer.

Recently I went on a camping trip with my caravan, when I returned to the campsite after a long day of hiking my caravan was missing. Panic seized me. All my gear, clothing and personal memories were inside.

I immediately remembered the Everfind Tracker. In this emergency, I activated the recovery mode in the trackilive app, which is intended for such situations. This mode increases the frequency of location updates to provide faster and more accurate tracking. I tracked my trailer's updated location on my phone and contacted the police at the same time.

With this precise information we were able to locate my trailer on a remote country road. The relief was indescribable. The Everfind had proven indispensable in helping me find my caravan in a critical situation. This experience made me realize the importance of the tracker in my travel life. It is now an integral part of my equipment for every tour.

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