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All devices at a glance

Multiple devices can be added to one account to get an optimal overview. The app can also be installed on multiple devices to get an overview at any time.

Route recording

Find memories with 365 days of history

The distance traveled can be accessed again via the history. The recording is currently stored for 365 days and can be accessed at any time.

Virtual fence

Set boundaries with a geofence

Virtual fences are ideal for delimiting areas that should not be entered or left. You will receive a notification if this does happen.

Virtual fences

Easy to use

365 days of history

Tracking profiles


All settings at a glance

Our GPS trackers can be personalized via the device configuration. Change alarms, geofences or the tracking profile.

Tracking profiles

The optimal tracking mode

For easy configuration, our GPS trackers are equipped with different tracking profiles.

  • Smart mode: The GPS tracker is in sleep mode and only sends a new position when there is movement.
  • Interval mode: The GPS tracker sends a new position every x minutes, regardless of movement.
  • Up to x years of battery life: This mode sends a new position every 24 hours.
  • Recovery mode: Sends a new position every x minutes. Suitable for absolute emergencies.

Location sharing

Share your own position with friends & family

Create a link to your location and share it with family, friends and acquaintances.

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