FAQ - Before purchasing

What is a GPS tracker?

Over what distance do GPS trackers work?

How long does the battery last?

Can I locate the GPS tracker with multiple devices?

Can I add multiple GPS trackers to one subscription?

Do I need sufficient network coverage to operate my GPS tracker?

Can I automatically renew my subscription?

Why is a subscription needed?

How much are the subscription costs?

Which mobile network do our GPS trackers use?

Does the GPS tracker work worldwide?

In which languages ​​is our trackilive app and web platform available?

What are the main functions of a GPS tracker?

Why do I need a GPS tracker?

How is the network coverage?

How safe is my data?

Which SIM card do I need for my GPS tracker?

How and where can I attach the GPS tracker?

Can I use the GPS tracker for my dog/cat, is there a collar?

Are the GPS trackers waterproof?

Wo platziere ich einen GPS Tracker am Auto?